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Industrial Maintenance,
Engineering & Skilled Trade Services
Like No Other.

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Who We Are

Taldeco is an Industrial Consultant partnering in Engineering, Skilled Trades, and Production services. Headquartered in Detroit with offices in Nashville, Taldeco services the entire midwest and southern regions. 

We partner with manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, and integrators to provide contractor support throughout all facets of their facilities.


Companies come to Taldeco when they need support in production, capital projects, engineering and design, launches, staff augmentation, and contingent labor. Taldeco specifically customizes their approach and services to combat the competitive marketplace through speed to market practices. 

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Taldeco’s headquarters is located in metro-Detroit Michigan.

We are a regional consulting

firm that services the midwest and southern states. 

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Let's Connect

Office Locations:

50 W Big Beaver Rd Ste 475,

Troy MI 48084

2934 Sidco Dr #110, Nashville, TN 37204


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